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 The Athlete Factory is a high-level fitness and sports performance company.

We use the knowledge of our highly qualified founders and coaches to deliver exceptional training in a world class facility, through our AF Training app and coaching. We want to share our knowledge with all our clients, from the total beginner to the elite athlete. We want to transform the way you train so you get the results you desire.

Our founding coaches have worked with some of the world’s best sporting teams and individuals and have used that experience to develop a training methodology that can be used by anyone who is serious about their health, fitness and sport.

Every coach at the Athlete Factory is highly qualified, have been through the AF methodology extensively, and are guided by our leading coaches, so all our members know they are getting the very best quality knowledge, coaching and care.


 The Athlete Factory brings the same philosophy we use with professional teams and elite competitors to the members of our facilities.

That is coaching, attitude, support, and programming that gets results, whether you are simply looking to improve your fitness or reach the elite level in your chosen field. Every member will have a training programme designed to their goals, which is built on the AF app so we can monitor, connect, and track our members’ training.

We build every programme through the methodology developed by our coaches and completely aligned to your goals. Every coach at AF is highly qualified with a Strength and Conditioning degree, or have worked with professional teams and individuals.

There is simply not a better facility and collection of coaches in the UK.

You are not just another gym membership number and we are not just another gym!

We want to change the way people train and where they train using our knowledge of elite sports. We create bespoke training systems using tested methodologies that are accessible and affordable to all.

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The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Phil Greening


Founder and Director Phil Greening has a wealth of experience in elite sport. As a player he represented England and the British & Irish Lions. As part of his Athlete Factory role he consults with the US Olympic Committee and USA Rugby. Phil’s experience in elite sports and the USA sporting environment helped create the Athlete Factory in 2014. Phil’s vision for the Athlete Factory is to transform where and how people train. To give people the insight knowledge and techniques learnt from elite sport to help them reach their goals no matter if you are an absolute beginner to the elite.

Phil’s wide contacts in the elite sporting landscape gives him the insights and connections to help shape the Athlete Factory philosophy and develop AF coaches which in turn is given to its members.. Phil’s experience on the field is backed by a suite of qualifications including Combat Conditioning, Level 1 NLP, ASCA Level 2 accreditation in Strength & Conditioning and a Practical Sports Nutrition Certificate.

An active member of UKSCA & NSCA (USA), he is now following his passion for nutrition by embarking on various courses in sports and plant based nutrition and a Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Matt Gardner


Matt is the General Manager here at The Athlete Factory and your first point of call if you need any help with your membership or any issues in the gym. Matt brings with him a wealth of experience in the gym industry having worked in a number of different gyms in London.

Having moved up to the Chester area Matt spends his time when he is not in the Athlete Factory training in Brazilian Ju Jitsu, enjoying being out of the big city and supporting both Saracens and Watford Football club.

Matt is in the gym every weekday from 9:30 am till 6:30pm if you every need anything or just want to chat feel free to email him on: matt@theathletefactory.global    

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Ryan Gibney


Ryan has worked with elite teams and athletes ranging from a wide range of sports and backgrounds such as Warrington Wolves in Rugby League as an First Team S&C coach moving then to Rugby Union as Head of Strength & Conditioning then more recently High Performance Manager for Georgia rugby union. Ryan has also consulted with many of the world’s leading rugby union 7’s and XV a side squads as well as rugby league teams domestically and from around the world.

He has also developed other professional and amateur athletes ranging from boxing to hockey from Amateur to Commonwealth and Olympic Athletes and been mentored and interned with some of the world’s leading coaches in human physical performance. He brings with him a BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning degree and an impressive over sixteen years hands-on experience.

He holds the world-renowned Westside Barbell Certification, a leading concept in Elite powerlifting, NFL and contemporary world class sport, with a showcase of accreditations in fitness, nutrition and strength and conditioning from – and not limited to – UKSCA, NSCA, CPPS (Joe Defranco & Jim Smith) BioForce (Joel Jameson) NASM and Precision Nutrition. Ryan is available for team sports high performance / S&C consultancy and Exclusive 1 to 1 and small group, goal / sports specific PT for highly motivated committed individuals only * limited places available

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Andrew Wood


Better known as “Woody”, he has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade and is considered a top level strength and conditioning coach having trained elite athletes around the globe. Woody has worked with many athletes in their respected fields: including Rugby, Muay Thai, boxing, K-1, MMA and bodybuilding; many of these winning significant competitions and highly acclaimed medals.

He has developed leading combat sports training programs, which have been utilised by some of the world’s most elite fighters having competed at the highest level in promotions including: UFC, Bellator, BAMMA, ONE FC and Glory Kickboxing to name just a few, he also accompanied the Azerbaijan Olympic Wrestling Squad in Rio, helping them through their final preparations for the 2016 Games.

Before switching to The Athlete Factory woody was at the world renowned top MMA facility – Tiger Muay Thai and MMA in Phuket, Thailand. Woody was the head of S&C, overseeing the fitness program and the sponsored athletes. This entailed preparing the athletes in all aspects of strength and conditioning for fights throughout the year. Woody is available for 1 on 1 training with committed individuals who want results. * Limited Availability

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Ollie Jenner


Oli Jenner is a Sports Therapist and S&C coach. Oli has a over a decade of experience treating and coaching a broad spectrum of athletes ranging from Professional Cycling teams to World Cup winning Rugby players, Olympic Gold Medal Rowers, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallists and Celebrities with huge demands on their time.

He has always been passionate about Elite Sport and Human performance. Initially as an Ironman Triathlete where he represented Great Britain and raced internationally in Ironman Races & Ski Touring through to Coaching Triathlon, Cycling and Running.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Craig White


Ricky is a Founder, Director and Head of Operations of AF Fitness Flintshire and is a former  World Super Heavyweight kickboxing champion.

Ricky brings a wealth of experience and brings the insight, knowledge and techniques learnt from elite sport to our facility to help customers reach their goals, no matter if you are an absolute beginner or an elite level athlete. A local lad who grew up nearby in Flint, Ricky is very passionate about providing fitness for all ages, families and the wider community and helps coach classes or one to one sessions whilst also managing the PT instructors who work with him.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | AF logo


The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Chris Wanford

Josh Ford

Josh played football at a professional and semi-professional level before moving into the fitness industry and has since amassed over a decade as a trainer and a biomechanics coach.

He has worked with and consulted for professional football clubs and professional golfers improving movement, performance, managing lower back pain and preventing injuries. His qualifications in biomechanics, sports science, sports massage, nutrition and advanced exercise prescription make him able to deliver a unique package specialising in golf.

He is the founder of Mechanical Advantage Golf (www.mechadvgolf.com) and has a system to identify and correct dysfunction in a golfer’s intrinsic biomechanics allowing the player to improve performance quickly and dramatically, as well as preventing injury.

He is a passionate coach and through his blog is trying to educate golfers how to train and prepare better.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Ash Murphy


Ash first started working in the fitness industry in London, where he had the pleasure of working under Daley Thompson the GB Olympic legend. Through working with someone as well-known as Daley, this gave him the opportunity to train other professional athletes. 

Since gaining this experience, he has been able to learn  from different coaches and trainers on how to train for specific sports, and how to improv on skill sets specified for the athlete. 

Ash loves being able to help people achieve their goals, and always strive to get the best out of his clients.

He is highly qualified and specialises in body transformation and also leads the AF She Fit classes.

Ash is available for 1 on 1 training.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester - She Fit and Watt Bikes | Leanne Scadeng


Leanne would describe herself as the average modern mum; three kids, a husband who works away and a timetable of weekend sports clubs.Even modern mums need a hobby and Leanne likes to spend her time running.

Short distances have quickly become marathons, with strength and personal training becoming a real passion. Professionally, Leanne is a level 3 qualified PT & is TRX certified.he has trained under our Head of Physical Performance Ryan Gibney and attends numerous nutrition workshops. Leanne is passionate about working with clients who either want to set goals or who simply want to feel like ‘themselves’ again.

Leanne combines her knowledge, skills and understanding of fitness and nutrition to deliver practical programs based on proven results. 

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Matt Bevan


Matt has been in the fitness industry now for over 5 years full time as a Personal trainer and is proven body transformation specialist. He has worked with many clients from diverse backgrounds from fat loss transformations to sports performance and muscle and strength building with his clients. 

Matt hold a Level 3 REPS Advanced Personal Training diploma and keeps his knowledge up to date by attending various workshops and certifications in Strength & conditioning, group training, nutrition and sports performance.Matt plays high level rugby in his free time when he isn’t running after his young son. Matt is available for 1 on 1 and Small Group training.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Emma Basten

Tess Cesnik

Tess is The Athlete Factory’s residant powerlifter. Holding two British Bench press records, winning the GPC Scottish powerlifting championship and the GPC World Power lifting chapionship in 2019.

For the past decade Tess has been improving and refining her skills as a Strength & Rehabilitation Coach. She has trained thousands of people Face to face and online here in the UK and back home in Australia. Tess is a level 4 Fitness coach, Level 3 S & C coach and a level 3 Nutritionist aswell as an advanced trainer in boxing and kickboxing.
Coming from a broad athletic background herself she wanted to make a positive impact on the education surrounding training for people of all ages at a competitive level and also for people interested in improving their quality of life generally.
As a qualified nutritionist and utilising a vast body of work in injury rehabilitation/ pre-habilitation. Tess’ goal with all her clients is to assist them in creating a stronger, leaner, more mobile body and a healthier and happier mindset as well. “Fitness” is not just exercise.
“Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life” – Seneca.
The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Merfyn McCloud


Merfyn has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry working with elite athletes, servicemen and as a PT. He is a TRX master trainer, kettlebell qualified and specialises in body transformations.

He himself enters events such as tough muddier and enjoys training people for such endurance events. He is passionate about helping clients reach their full potential whether they are a complete beginner to a professional athlete.

Merfyn is available for 1 on 1 training.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester - Bikini Fitness | Elly Hudson


Elly has competed as a bikini fitness athlete since 2014, reaching the national championships, and the British finals numerous of times. Elly’s dedication to the competitive sport has enabled her to compete across several different countries, at the likes of the Arnold classics in Madrid and Barcelona.

She now competes within the IFBB professional qualifier federation and has recently returned from Romania and Italy securing both 2. Elly studied a bachelor’s degree in sport science, gaining her levels 2, 3, and 4 personal training qualification, with GP exercise referral. Elly is a full time personal trainer and lifestyle coach, running her own extremely successful bootcamp classes in Chester. Along with her full-time job, Elly is also a stage posing coach for bikini fitness athletes, who has been trained by UK’s first female bikini fitness Olympia athlete Michelle Brannon since 2013.

Elly has had a very successful competitive background and has been a Scitec nutrition sponsored athlete since 2016. Her success in her sport has enabled her to appear in the likes of Flex magazine, demonstrating her hard work and dedication for her sport and profession. Elly is working hard to gain her professional title within bikini fitness industry, in hope to one day be able to compete on the Olympia stage in Las Vegas, amongst the best bikini fitness athletes in the world. Elly is avalible for 1 to 1 training.

Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Chester #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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