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Quite simply, there are no facilities like this in the UK! Our gyms & facilities has been designed using our coaches’ vast experience in elite sport, training methodology, and an understanding of what actually gets results. The flow, style and range of equipment offers ALL our members the type of facility that is usually only accessed by professional sports teams and individuals. Giving all our members access to a world class expirience and support.


We offer you so much more than a gym membership! When you become an AF member you get the knowledge, support and an inspiring environment to work towards your goals. We build your bespoke programme on our app that is aligned to your goals or sport, plus you get a coach to support you every step of the way.

We all know that person who goes to the gym 6 days a week and complains they never get any fitter, leaner or stronger. We change that by giving you the knowledge, world class equipment, expert programming and support to get the results you crave. To us you are more than just another membership number and we are more than just a gym!

*Tailored family membership created on request 


We want to change how and where people train using our knowledge of elite sports. Creating bespoke training systems using tested methodologies that are accessible and affordable to all. Every member, at our gym, gets a training programme designed by our expert coaches which are completely personalised to their goals, built using our AF Training app. This allows us to monitor, support and coach you to a fitter, healthier, and stronger you.

Our coaches will be there to guide you every step on the journey to your goal and your greatness, whatever that may look like. If you are serious about your health, fitness and sport then the Athlete Factory is the place for you. Want to get the same result, waste time, money and energy and just hang out… then try another gym.


We’ve put together a series of classes using our lead coaches’ knowledge in elite sport which everyone can use to develop their fitness and strength. These exciting, energetic classes are designed to test you and get results. These classes are for all ages, fitness levels and experience, as our coaches will manage the class to suit your ability and make sure you get the most out of the class. You will get fitter & stronger, whilst being properly supported and monitored

The Athlete Factory Chester | Open Gym in Chester | Training


Are you searching for a personal coach to help you achieve your fitness goals? AF Personal coaches will help you achieve those goals throughout our 1-on-1 training program. Because the AF 1-on-1 training program provides you with an AF personal coach that will develop a tailored program based on your specific fitness needs. Our coaches focus on using time efficiently, providing accountability, and delivering measurable results.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Open Gym in Chester | Team


The Athlete Factory is a high-level fitness and sports performance company. We use the knowledge of our highly qualified founders and coaches to deliver exceptional training in a world class facility, through our AF Training app and coaching. We want to share our knowledge with all our clients, from the total beginner to the elite athlete. We want to transform the way you train so you get the results you desire.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Open Gym in Chester | Training


No more wasting your valuable time guessing what works and what doesn’t. We will carefully design your program for you with the most effective training methods to get you results! All exercises come with full video demos and explanations on our full interactive app.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Open Gym in Chester | Team


Our goal is to get your body feeling and functioning at its optimum level. The Athlete Factory Sports Medicine Team are not just for Elite athletes, everyone can benefit! If you have or do suffer from aches and pains then don’t suffer in silence. Many problems can be cleared up in one or two sessions and you can get back to feeling how you should, how your meant to!


The Athlete Factory believes that with the right support and knowledge, you truly can get the results you want. That’s why we created our pioneering AF training app. The app provides our facility members with bespoke program and tailored support using knowledge of our elite coaches, and allows us and you to and monitor everything you do in our facility. Every member at our facility will have access to the AF training app and training programs written by our world class coaches.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Best Gym in Chester | AF chester
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