The Athlete Factory and Spartan Survival have teamed up to provide a bespoke training experience to rugby professionals and clubs. Our joint team training courses are tailored to boost your teams physical and mental conditioning during the pre season or off season. Offering the best of both worlds, The Athlete Factory and Spartan Survival can build and deliver bespoke coaching and experiences for your squad to increase and support their sporting prospects. We want to understand your goals and work with you on creating a custom package to suit your needs. Giving you the freedom to cherry pick the course content that will benefit your team the most.

Email: matt@theathletefactory.co.uk for more information.

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The Spartan Survival team is led by Ian Huntington and Roy Shelton. Ian is our Chief Course Instructor and an ex elite military operator in the British Army.  Ian has a wealth of experience from his time in the forces, on top of spending 20 years as a private military contractor and bodyguard in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.  



We use the knowledge of our highly qualified founders and coaches to deliver exceptional training in a world class facility, through our AF Training app and coaching. We want to share our knowledge with all our clients, from the total beginner to the elite athlete. We want to transform the way you train so you get the results you desire.


Our courses aim to educate, improve confidence and mental strength whilst enjoying the back-to-basics surroundings with friends, family or work colleagues.  Safe in the knowledge that our course instructors can pass on authentic and meaningful guidance plus essential skills in a controlled and secure environment. Through our courses people can reconnect on a personal level, develop long lasting tenacity and skills whilst enjoying a positive and life affirming experience. 

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  • Coach led strength & conditioning sessions led by Elite level coaches
  • Access to world class gym facilities
  • Bespoke training programs and support from the Athlete Factory Team
  • Access to both 4G and grass pitches
  • Pitch based Rugby drills and sessions led by former international players and coaches
  • Training matches or full games
  • Gym based competitions and team building exercises

Spartan Course Content

Bushcraft and Survival basics

  • Constructing and maintaining shelter
  • Make Fire and cook food in the wild
  • Navigation and tracking
  • Team work and Communication exercises

Elite Survival and Military Simulation

  • Monitoring and personal feedback offered to individuals and leadership
  • Escape and evasion (S.E.R.E / Manhunt)
  • 7 day Elite Survival Challenge on a remote Scottish Island
  • Many other military scenarios on request

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Q: What is the minimum age that sports camps are designed for.
A: Whilst camps could be designed for any age we recommend senior/secondary school age and beyond. Realistically we suggest age 14+ as a good guide as this is the age students can understand the principles of coach-led programmes for their sport. For younger students have a chat with what options are available.
Q: How long are camps?
A: We can accommodate any length of camp based on requirements and budget. Whether it be a single day as part of an ongoing programme or trip. There is no maximum length of camp and a popular length is a week.
Q: Can you cater for all sports?
A: The team of personal trainers and strength/conditioning coaches here have a range of sporting backgrounds and specialisms. We often find we have a trainer who is particularly knowledgeable about the needs of a specific sport and can also offer a more results orientated approach to ensure your team understands what is needed to improve performance. We will always work with team coaches to establish what is wanted from the camp and the training is overseen by head of S&C Ryan Gibney.
Q: How do I book?
A: To book a camp we will need to have a discussion over your precise requirements to make sure we deliver on your outcomes. Advice can be given on this if required. We can then arrange dates based on what your timescales are for the camps and the availability of our coaching team.You can call Matt Gardner (Manager) on 01244 261368 or email matt@theathletefactory.co.uk  
Q: Are Professional camps only for professional athletes?
No! These camps can be for any sportsperson who is serious about their performance and wants to take part in an intensive training camp. We often find this appeals to competitive sports people of all levels.

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