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Are you searching for a personal coach to help you achieve your fitness goals?

AF Personal coaches will help you achieve those goals throughout our 1-on-1 training program. Because the AF 1-on-1 training program provides you with an AF personal coach that will develop a tailored program based on your specific fitness needs. Our coaches focus on using time efficiently, providing accountability, and delivering measurable results.

The AF world class coaches believe in a scientifically-backed approach based on the AF system. No matter your goal — be it fat loss, muscle gain or athletic development — we have the coaches to inspire you to achieve things you thought were impossible.


With over a decade of experience of working with elite world class athletes. Our coaches have achieved results at the highest level of sport. Now they bring that knowledge to deliver guaranteed results for you.

AF coaches are at the highest possible level of qualified. They are rigorously tested at personal training. Each one is highly experienced and very well qualified academically. We require that every trainer has a minimum of 5,000 hours of hands on, practical experience. As well as at least one certification from a leading training organisation such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (of America),the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA) or a university degree in strength & Conditioning. They know every single inside trick to extract the very best performance from clients of all levels and backgrounds.



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THE AF Personal Training System

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Firstly, your AF coach will help you develop the mindset to completely focus on your goal with a full understanding of what it takes to achieve it.



Nutrition will provide the foundation to support the fuelling of the body and the mind, and to maximise your performance

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Movement is essential for improving performance. It’s about moving your body better.

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Recovery allows the mind and body to re-energise and prepare for the next days activity.

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The AF coaches will evaluate your perfomance after every session and adapt your training based on your personal needs.

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Our coaches will isolate individual issues and using scientific methods and stratigies get you performing at your best.

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Each session will be unique to you and your goals. There is no copied programming, you are an individual and each session will be tailored to get you a step closer to your goal.

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Your sessions will use movements found in everyday life, meaning everything in the session will help improve your movement throughout your daily lifestyle.

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The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Phil Greening


The Athlete Factory’s Founder and Director Phil Greening has a wealth of experience in elite sport. As a player he represented England and the British & Irish Lions. Currently he consults with the US Olympic Committee and USA Rugby. Phil’s experience in elite sports and the USA sporting environment helped create the Athlete Factory in 2014. Phil’s brings these experiences to his Personal training sessions.

Phil’s wide experience working in the elite sporting landscape gives him the insights and knowledge to give you support, encouragement and accountability to guide you down a path of sustainable positive change that achieves your goals.

Phil’s experience in elite sport is backed by a suite of qualifications including the world renowned EXOS Fitness specialist certification, Combat Conditioning, Level 1 NLP, ASCA Level 2 accreditation in Strength & Conditioning and a Practical Sports Nutrition Certificate.

Phil has limited availability for team sports high performance consultancy and exclusive 1 to 1 PT and small group, goal /sports specific PT and nutrition consultation for individuals who are looking for the best approach to gaining the results you crave.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Ryan Gibney


Ryan has spent a lifetime developing professional and amateur athletes ranging from rugby to boxing to hockey from Amateur to Commonwealth and Olympic Athletes and been mentored and interned with some of the world’s leading coaches in human physical performance. He brings with him a BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning degree and an impressive over sixteen years hands-on experience.

Ryan is one of the most highly trained coaches in the world. He holds the world-renowned Westside Barbell Certification, a leading concept in Elite powerlifting, NFL and contemporary world class sport, with a showcase of accreditations in fitness, nutrition and strength and conditioning from – and not limited to – UKSCA, NSCA, CPPS (Joe Defranco & Jim Smith) BioForce (Joel Jameson) NASM and Precision Nutrition.

Ryan brings this knowledge to his clients at The Athlete Factory insuring his clients hit personal bests every session and achieve their goals.

Ryan is available for team sports high performance / S&C consultancy and Exclusive 1 to 1 and small group, goal / sports specific PT for highly motivated committed individuals only.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Ollie Jenner


Oli Jenner is the head of The Athlete Factory Sports Medicine Team and S&C coach with over a decade of experience.

Oli’s experience includes treating and coaching a broad spectrum of athletes ranging from Professional Cycling teams to World Cup winning Rugby players, Olympic Gold Medal Rowers, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallists.

He specialises in Elite Sport and Human performance. Initially competing as an Ironman Triathlete where he represented Great Britain and raced internationally in Ironman Races & Ski Touring through to Coaching Triathlon, Cycling and Running.

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The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Chris Wanford

Josh Ford

Josh specialises in training golfers. Using his knowledge of biomechanics to improve their performance and prevent injury.

He has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. With qualifications in Biomechanics, sports science, sports massage, nutrition and advance exercise prescription. Meaning he has delivered results to all his clients and improved their golf game dramatically

Josh is standing by to educate golfers how to train and prepare better. Josh is available for 1 to 1 sessions.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Ash Murphy


Ash is at his best when he is leading a class that is why Ash runs all the AF classes. Ash’s classes are full of energy and are designed to test you and get results.

Ash loves to inspire his clients to hit their goals and brings the knowledge of having worked with Olympic legend Daly Thompson into his sessions.

Ash is available for 1 to 1 sessions or attend one of our classes.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester - She Fit and Watt Bikes | Leanne Scadeng


Leanne is the ultimate average modern mum; three kids, a husband who works away and a timetable of weekend sports clubs. She is the master of keeping in shape while maintaining a busy schedule. She uses this knowledge to inspire her clients to achieve their goals no matter their limited schedule.

She is a passionate runner have completed numerous marathons and is now moving into triathlons so if you are looking for coach to help with your running Leanne is the coach for you.

Leanne combines her knowledge, skills and understanding of fitness and nutrition to deliver practical programs based on proven results. Leanne is available for 1 to 1 sessions.

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Matt Bevan


Matt has been in the fitness industry now for over 7 years full time as a Personal trainer and is our resident body transformation specialist. Using his knowledge to get results his clients thought impossible.

He has worked with many clients from diverse backgrounds and has always produced results that can be measured.

Matt holds a Level 3 REPS Advanced Personal Training diploma and keeps his knowledge up to date by attending various workshops and certifications in Strength & conditioning, group training, nutrition and sports performance. Matt is available for 1 on 1 and Small Group training.

jeorgia photo

Jeorgia comes from a background in Sport, Health and Exercise Science and is qualified Level 3 Personal Training, Level 3 Sports massage and pitchside Sports Trauma Management. 

Since graduating from Bangor University with a Masters degree in Exercise Rehabilitation in 2019, Jeorgia has worked with Bala Town F.C. as Academy Sports Scientist and First Aid Officer, supporting youth players with strength & conditioning and injury prevention by introducing mobility interventions. Alongside coaching, Jeorgia currently supports the delivery of cardiac rehabilitation and community wellbeing classes across Cheshire. She is passionate about inspiring others to feel more confident strength training and she is devoted to supporting her clients to reach their full fitness potential. 

Jeorgia is available for 1-2-1 and small group coaching. 

The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | Merfyn McCloud


Merf has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. Working with a variety of people from professional fighters and tennis players to servicemen to people preparing for obstacle races and extreme running and climbing events.

He is a TRX and Kettlebell master trainer, and enters events such as tough muddier and enjoys training people for such endurance events.

Merf will make sure you achieve your goals no matter what they are in sessions that are fun and challenging.
Merfyn is available for 1 on 1 training.

Train with the best at The Athlete Factory #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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