If you have enjoyed classes in the past, you’ll love AF Classes! No matter your age, goals and fitness, we have the class for you. From developing your kids’ fitness and confidence with our super fitness classes, to building strength, power and endurance with our incredible functional, training, HIIT and bike sessions and a full range of martial arts classes.

All of the classes at AF Flint have been given our stamp of approval, backed by science to produce proven results. Our applied coaches use the same training in the real world to promote the fitness, health and body composition of our athletes. Most importantly we want to focus on is the enjoyment of training and the community feel from the sessions. This is something you can bring your friends and family to and have a great time motivating each other and forging new relationships with other members on their training journey.


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Walk in: Single Class: £5

AF Class Pass Membership: £45 per month

*All classes must be booked through our website ,the Athlete Factory app or by calling the club.



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No more wasting your valuable time guessing what works and what doesn’t. We will carefully design your program for you with the most effective training methods to get you results! All exercises come with full video demos and explanations on our full interactive app.

Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Chester #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

Train with the best at The Athlete Factory Flint #TAKETHENEXTSTEP

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