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As we speed towards the 2020 Olympics I become reminded of a time a couple of years back when we began planning the training for the USA7s team and set training/ gym programmes in place.

You might think that the importance of setting programmes for an elite team or individual differs to one for general fitness or health. You couldn’t be more wrong!

Having a plan and detail in your programming is crucial to any fitness and health success.

Whilst the content might differ, the concept is exactly the same. When you are looking to start your journey at a gym it is crucial to have a plan that holds you accountable and gives you the motivation to stick to that plan.

In the gym. for example, you can become disillusioned and not have the desire to go if you do not know what you are actually going to do for that session. This is where people can fall down in gyms or sticking to lifestyle changes. The guess work, the lack of planning, the lack of direction stacks the deck against success and people end up merely chasing goals aimlessly.

Making a Plan

There are a few elements to consider when building your plan.

  1. Flexibility/adaptability
  2. The relationship between elements of the plan

In my experience you need to ensure your plan is flexible and adaptable once it is in place. This flexibility is to accommodate what life throws at you whilst still allowing you to readjust and get you back on track. It’s the thing you fall back to when you need that drive and determination. If something happens can you adjust your programme with the end goal still at the heart of what you are doing?

What do I mean by this?

Well, with all exercise plans the key to success is held in the detail.  With the USA7s we pay a lot of attention to and spend a great deal of time on the programming of the teams training. Every rep, every second and how that all links to the bigger picture of our goals. This detail is crucial to the success of your training. Have you ever considered how what you do today in the gym or outside can complement or cause a negative effect on your training and overall goals. Your sessions all need to be linked and cannot be ad-hoc. This is another common reason why people think they are never improving. It can be because one session combats against the next,  or your training includes over use, or under use. These all affect the end goal and how efficiently or quickly you reach it. Make sure your plan includes thinking about the relationship between all the elements to ensure it all works together to reach that end goal.

Setting Goals and Building Plans

If this seems like a confusing idea then fear not! Most people joining a gym have an idea of a goal they want to reach. This can be for varied reasons. Common ones we see here are weight-loss, fitness increase, muscle building, toning, health and mobility or specialist sports strength and conditioning.

Once you have an idea of what you want your goal to be we can help with the building plans and advising you. That’s what we do here!

Every programme, every plan in health and fitness needs to be aligned to your goal no matter how far or near to where you are currently it is.

Where does AF fit in?
The Athlete Factory Chester | Gym in Chester | fire class

Programming is something we offer as we know how important it is. Every member on our AF Athlete programmes receive a plan. For anyone who opts to invest in 1:1 PT sessions, this is why we work closely with you to allocate the correct PT for you and your goals.

Even if you access sports medicine you will find programmes appearing on your account to support your development. All programmes are reviewed by our head of S&C, Ryan Gibney or Head of Sports Medicine Oli Jenner.

So start by thinking about what you want to achieve and then talk to us about a membership with a programme…so that your goal can become a reality.

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