tips for weight lossThe summer seems so far away and as we start to realise it is on the horizon we all begin thinking about that holiday and the beach body! What is crucial to getting that ‘beach body’ is understanding the pitfalls to weight loss. Often we jump on the latest diet trend and need to think differently. A lack of consistency may be the most harmful trait if you are seeking to lose body fat. But even if you are motivated and consistent with exercise and nutrition you do need to ensure you aren’t getting sidetracked by making common errors that will halt your progress and are easy to avoid.

Tip 1Don’t eliminate Fat:

Eliminating fat or eating a fat free diet is an common error. You need a decent amount of good fats (the type found in some nuts, avocados, oily fish and olive oil  in your diet to help the body function and importantly your brain. The cells in our body are made up of layers of Lipids or fats, which will be composed by the healthy or not healthy fats we eat. Choosing good fats in your nutrition helps build a healthy metabolism. Fat helps the body absorb Vitamin A, D and E! (Link to source). These vitamins are fat-soluble, meaning they can only be absorbed with the help of fats. Fat free usually also means lower nutrients which are replaced with artificial sweeteners which has an negative impact on our body – causing fat deposits!

Tip 2Get rid of stress and lower cortisol levels:

To lose fat it’s essential to minimise stress levels to lower your cortisol levels. High Cortisol levels is associated with high fat deposits. Try some mindfulness techniques or find an activity which helps you to de-stress such as meditation, exercise, massage, reading etc.

Tip 3Get a healthy gut:

Gut health is increasingly shown to have a massive impact on our overall physical and mental wellbeing. Fix your gut health by taking plenty of probiotics such as natural yogurt, Kombucha, Kefir, Apple Cider Vinegar and probiotic supplements. Having a healthy gut is crucial to digestion, metabolism, mood, energy, and cell function as it has half the bodies neurotransmitters.

Tip 4 – Eat your first meal with Protein and Good fats:

Having protein and good fats will help control you blood sugars, provides energy for brain function and promotes the body to use fat for energy. Having, for example, cereal for breakfast is bad as it’s typically packed with carbs, added sugar or sweetness that creates an insulin response and make us sluggish. A high carbohydrate/sugar breakfast also makes us feel hungry shortly afterwards meaning we snack!

Tip 5Remember to strength train:

Lifting weights promotes more whole body activation and metabolism than the normal cardio, say on a treadmill. Lifting weights is more efficient due this fact and makes your body stronger. Add in some sprint or movements like prowler pushes to burn more fat and increase cardiovascular health.

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