by Ryan Gibney

How to Maximise Your Progress When Returning to the Gym

From the 12th of April Gyms are going to be the first thing to reopen that are actually good for you.

Choosing the right gym will give you the structure, motivation and opportunity to work on your strength, health and Fitness and improve your confidence and mood and importantly socialise in person not via Zoom on a daily basis.

There’s isn’t much else that can provide all of those in 1 hit …Well, maybe you could get friends round to get drunk in your garden. But you’re probably not going to do that 3 to 5 times per week and still feel that healthy and good about yourself after it

With that being said ,getting back into the gym is quickly going to deliver this, in terms of mental and physical health improvement. But only if you make sure it delivers some critical elements.

These are some elements that you need from your gym to maximise your progress after lockdown:

  1. A Great Coach to Guide You: After a long period of inactivity and isolation, the last thing you need is to be thrown into a commercial gym or big group fitness environment to try to “make it work”. Your chances of success are pretty much zero….you’ll get bored or injured . A great coach will help you do exactly the right exercises for your goals and body. They’ll help you do them with great technique to minimise injury risk and with the right weight to actually get results that you can see. They’ll also give you the accountability and motivation you need to stick with the process and enjoy it.

2. Environment: The simple truth is that you will not go to the gym if it’s not fun. If it’s intimidating, boring or full of people that you just don’t want to be around, you simply will find an excuse not come back. Your gym should be a escape from the day to day even a form of release and pleasure , You should feel welcomed and look forward to going to every session, knowing that however you feel now…you’ll so much better once you’ve finished your session. Only then will you really be able to build it consistently into your lifestyle.

3. Slowly work back into it : We have been Locked down now off and on for over a year , as keen as we all our to get back to training all guns blazing, a lot of us have actually de-conditioned to our usual training, sorry to drop this on you, but all the home workouts and bodyweight stuff as great and effective as it is, is not the same level of stress and stimulus on your body. Start slow and build back up to where you was before before and beyond, enjoy the process stay injury free

4. Take a Holistic view of your training and lifestyle: You will get the best results from your training if the coaches and your gym factors the wider elements of your life into its training model. This means they know that you’ve got a lot going on in your life with family commitments, kids and work and getting going after the lockdown. They know that you’ll need some coaching and help with your food and lifestyle to create long term changes, and you’re not going to carry around  tupperware  with you all day and  a massive jug if water. They know that you’re ready to work hard, but don’t have all day. So, you need to get results from 3 (maybe 4) effective sessions each week to fit it all in.

Try these simple guidelines and you’ll find that the motivation and results seem to come easily for the first time ever because you’re enjoying the process👌.

If this sounds good to you and you’re keen to get back to the gym and want to make sure that it actually sticks this time, then try starting with one of our membership in or personal coaching packages! You can find out more and add your name to our waiting list by emailing:


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Ryan has worked with elite teams and athletes ranging from a wide range of sports and backgrounds such as Warrington Wolves in Rugby League as an First Team S&C coach moving then to Rugby Union as Head of Strength & Conditioning then more recently High Performance Manager for Georgia rugby union. Ryan has also consulted with many of the world’s leading rugby union 7’s and XV a side squads as well as rugby league teams domestically and from around the world.
He has also developed other professional and amateur athletes ranging from boxing to hockey from Amateur to Commonwealth and Olympic Athletes and been mentored and interned with some of the world’s leading coaches in human physical performance. He brings with him a BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning degree and an impressive over sixteen years hands-on experience.
He holds the world-renowned Westside Barbell Certification, a leading concept in Elite powerlifting, NFL and contemporary world class sport, with a showcase of accreditations in fitness, nutrition and strength and conditioning from – and not limited to – UKSCA, NSCA, CPPS (Joe Defranco & Jim Smith) BioForce (Joel Jameson) NASM and Precision Nutrition.

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