Lockdown may be in full effect but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this time wisely

I’ve noticed more and more Rugby  and other team sports players are really frustrated by the closure of gyms due to the current pandemic restrictions, we get it , as we ourselves and the millions of other gym owners and goers and fitness enthusiasts alike are all in the same boat .

However instead of dwelling on what you can’t do or how  home workouts just don’t cut it, ask yourself what physical qualities or aspects of your game could you be using this time time to improve?


Is it building an aerobic good base and improving your work capacity?( Fitness/ endurance), speed training?
How about general strength? Maybe it’s mobility restoring or improving functional ranges of motion and actually taking the time to do that re/pre-hab for existing niggles? Could it be improving your body composition ( increase lean mass /reduce body fat) or even nutrition how about improving / revisiting some basic skills or game knowledge to come back from lockdown a better more complete player ?
Either way there is something we can be working on and improving it doesn’t all happen in the weight room ☝🏼😱
Make yourself a list or even ask your peers ( coaches, teammates ) what they think would make you a better player , rank them in order of importance and start from there .
Stay positive reframe and refocus from what we don’t have at the moment to what YOU do have and YOU can control and come out the other side a better more complete player .
Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch
By AF Head Coach Ryan Gibney

Ryan has worked with elite teams and athletes ranging from a wide range of sports and backgrounds such as Warrington Wolves in Rugby League as an First Team S&C coach moving then to Rugby Union as Head of Strength & Conditioning then more recently High Performance Manager for Georgia rugby union. Having also consulted with many of the world’s leading rugby union 7’s and XV a side squads as well as rugby league teams domestically and from around the world.

Also developing other professional and amateur athletes ranging from boxing to hockey from Amateur to Commonwealth and Olympic Athletes and been mentored and interned with some of the world’s leading coaches in human physical performance. He brings with him a BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning degree and an impressive over sixteen years hands-on experience.

Holding the world-renowned Westside Barbell Certification, a leading concept in Elite powerlifting, NFL and contemporary world class sport, with a showcase of accreditations in fitness, nutrition and strength and conditioning from – and not limited to – UKSCA, NSCA, CPPS (Joe Defranco & Jim Smith) BioForce (Joel Jameson) NASM and Precision Nutrition. Ryan is available for team sports high performance / S&C consultancy and Exclusive 1 to 1 and small group, goal / sports specific PT for highly motivated committed individuals only * limited places available


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