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How to Maximise Your Progress When Returning to the Gym

by Ryan Gibney How to Maximise Your Progress When Returning to the Gym From the 12th of April Gyms are going to be the first thing to reopen that are actually good for you. Choosing the right gym will give you the structure, motivation and opportunity to work on your...

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Kickstarting back into action

by Ryan Gibney What can you be doing right now to get in the best shape and health you can be? In this article our head coach Ryan gives you everything you need to get lean and stay lean all year round. Yes,it is possible and a lot simpler than you think. The 12 keys...

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Free Home workout!

Our Head Couch Ryan Gibney brings you another FREE HOME WOROUT! USE DUMBBELLS or KETTLEBELLS to hit your shoulders and legs!

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Calling all Rugby Players and Team Athletes

Lockdown may be in full effect but that doesn't mean you can't use this time wisely   I've noticed more and more Rugby  and other team sports players are really frustrated by the closure of gyms due to the current pandemic restrictions, we get it , as we ourselves and...

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Nutrition Tips and Recipes

Updated 14 May 20 The AF team bring you a selection of recipes, nutrition hints and tips to assist with being as healthy as possible during lockdown. Phil's Recipe Packs and Information Phil Greening has prepared some recipe packs and information in pdf form. Download...

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MB Performance Helps Keep You Strong & Lean

Updated 14 May AF coach Matt Bevan of MB Performance brings you his balanced expertise in fitness as well as nutrition.   We've been having some minor technical issues sharing Matt's updates on here! Please see his Facebook Page MB Performance for the most up to date...

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AF Coach Ash Murphy Home Workouts

Updated 14 May AF coach Ash Murphy brings to your home his collection of daily workouts and challenges. How do you get on with these?! Home Workouts Glute and Core Workouts Daily Challenges

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